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Bring your own bicycle or rent one after you arrive. Kelleys Island has over 30 miles of road for your bicycling pleasure. Bicycling is fun, enjoyable, and a great way to get, or stay, in shape!

Bicycle Rental Information 





Kelleys Island is the perfect recreational boating destination because it has many private marinas and boat ramps. In addition to these facilities, Kelleys Island State Park has a public boat launch with ample parking for trailers. Click here for the current Marine weather conditions on Lake Erie.

 Kelley Island Marinas




The family campground at Kelleys Island State Park contains 45 non-electric and 84 electric sites, showers, flush toilets, and a dump station. During the summer season, two Rent-A-Camp units for groups and two Yurts, complete with an efficiency kitchen, bath with shower and furnished living area, are available. Pets are welcome at designated sites. Other campground amenities are showers, flush toilets and a dump station. The 100-foot swimming beach, volleyball court and playground are very popular.


 fishing5200.jpgFishing & Ice Fishing

People come to fish the waters around Kelleys Island for catfish, yellow perch, smallmouth and white bass, and walleye. Island bait shops sell supplies and licenses. Fishing Charters are available through Island Captains. Walleye fishing challenges the skills of both pros and beginners and reigns as the king of sport fisheries. Walleye in the 2 to 4 pound class are common, and trophy fish in the 5 to 10 pounds are no surprise. Click here for instructions on how to fillet walleye. When ice forms on the western basin of Lake Erie, shanties and "bucket fishermen" dot the ice-covered landscape with anglers in pursuit of Lake Erie's most popular sport fish, walleye and yellow perch. Anglers use ice jigs or jigging spoons tipped with live minnows to catch walleye and perch spreaders baited with minnows for yellow perch.



Fossil Hunting

Whether strolling along the island’s shoreline or hiking its trails, visitors will find fossils because they are everywhere. Almost every piece of stone is a maze of fossils!


"Whether My mystery shell in this large block of limestone is the inside view of a Rafinesquina ponderosa, a form of brachiopod (not the same as a clam), about 450 million years old. The central indentations are muscle scars. It was puzzling to me that the brachiopod would be there because most of the fossils on that beach are more recent, but Marvin tells me those big blocks were brought in from somewhere else. That may explain it. The coral that we wet down to take a better look at is Eridophyllum seriale, dating back between 400 and 360 million. Needless to say, the water temperature was much warmer then, to support all the corals you will see on Kelleys Island and--I love this part--the land we think of as "Ohio" was near the Equator. Isn't life interesting?" --Carolyn McPherson


Great Lakes Circle Tour

Kelleys Island is part of the 6,500-mile Great Lakes Circle Tour: a scenic, international road system connecting the five Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River! Click here for information.

Horseshoe Pitching & Volleyball Court

If you enjoy pitching horseshoes or playing volleyball, visit the Kelley’s Island Wine Company on Woodford Street. The friendly competition of both these sports, combined with opportunities to be with family and friends and be outdoors, make them ideal activities while you are on Kelleys Island.

Hunting & Trapping Kelleys Island has limited hunting grounds. Details are available at the Kelleys Island State Park Office, telephone 419 746-2546.

Miniature Golf & Video Games In the downtown area there is an 18-hole mini golf course at Caddy Shack Square. This is the place to go to play video games, too.

Fun200.jpg Picnicing

What better way to celebrate summer than to take the kids on a picnic! Besides the picnic area and picnic shelter at the Pavilion Ball Park, there are places to picnic on the grounds of Kelleys Island State Park.

Playgrounds There are two playgrounds, one at the Pavilion Ball Park on Addison Street and the other at the Kelleys Island School. (Map 5)



relaxing.2200.jpg Relaxing

Relaxation is probably the most popular island activity. It doesn’t get much better than reading a good book while rocking in a porch chair or lying in a hammock! Each person can discover their own way to rest one’s weary bones and cleanse the soul!





The romantic notion of sailing is as true today as it has been throughout maritime history. Out on the water, in harmony with the natural forces, sailing provides different things to a myriad of people. Western basin sailing is both rewarding and filled with beautiful natural sites. End your sailing day by mooring in a protected bay on Kelleys Island.



 Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Lake Erie contains approximately 1700 shipwrecks and 50 of them are in the waters surrounding Kelleys Island. Explore them while snorkeling and diving from our shoreline. One of the best things about diving and snorkeling is seeing something new on every outing. Of course, diving on shipwrecks is a growing interest of many Lake Erie scuba divers. The cool fresh lake water has preserved shipwrecks that would have disappeared long ago in a salt water environment. For a surface temperature map. Click here to order a Shipwreck Guide (PDF) of the F. H. Prince, the Hanna, and the Adventure from Ohio Sea Grant.


kayaking200.jpg Sea Kayaking

With 17 miles of shoreline, a host of changing vistas awaits paddlers as they circumnavigate Kelleys Island. Start your paddle at the Kelleys Island State Park’s sandy beach and explore the island as you go around the island.





stateparkprograms200.jpg Walking & Hiking

Six miles of scenic trails give visitors access to the island’s outstanding natural features. First, the East Quarry Trail cuts a grid-like pattern through the maze of brush and woods surrounding an old stone quarry and its water-filled east end, Horseshoe Pond. A good time to hike this trail is in the morning when deer and numerous birds are more active. Next, the North Shore Loop Trail is beautiful anytime but, perhaps, is at its best as the sun sets behind the Bass Islands and Perry’s Monument. This trail parallels a moss-covered rocky limestone shelf area recently classified as an alvar ecosystem because of its unusual plant. The newest addition to the trail system is a boardwalk at North Pond, a natural estuary south of the state park campground.The Kelleys Island State Park provides information concerning the various park trails.

  Water Skiing

There’s a saying that anyone can water ski, if they have the will to give it a try. So, if you have urge, you can try this exhilarating sport on your next visit to Kelleys Island! The Kelleys Island State Park Bay is ideal for calm water skiing-please respect anchored boats and Swimming Areas.


Watching Kelleys Island offers endless opportunities for viewing wildlife, everything from birds and butterflies to resident deer and coyote. (When driving the roads at dawn and dusk, exercise caution because white-tailed deer are the most active at these times.) Night sounds include howling coyotes chiming in with hooting Great-horned Owls. Of course, remember another island specialty, the Lake Erie Water Snake. With less than a world population of two thousand individuals, your best chance to see this reptile is on Kelleys Island. Watch for the occasional Osprey or Bald Eagle and, during the nesting season, the abundant Yellow Warbler and the more secretive Yellow-billed Cuckoo. kingbirdshad.jpg

For more Information: Kelleys Island Bird and Natural History

Kelleys Island is a fantastic bird watching Paradise: Kelleys Island Birding